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Sudatonic Slimming Body Wrap with GX99


The Sudatonic heating blanket with Far Infrared heat makes the body burn fat by forming a resistance to sweating, then allowing the body to sweat. The application of specialized creams will the detoxify, increase energy and weight loss, decrease stress and purify your skin. GX 99 is a vibratory endermatic system that reduces cellulite lumps and bumps while eliminating fat toxicity. This advanced treatment gets optimal results!

Series of 6 $780

Series of 8 $1000

Single $140

Slimwave with Infrared Heat Therapy

Lose inches, gain muscle definition and endurance, reduce cellulite, and detox with electric muscle stimulation! Targets abdominals, arms, thighs, and back fat. Slimwave treatments give you the muscle toning benefits of jogging five miles without harsh impact. Gain lean muscle mass that will burn an extra 400 calories a day! Excellent for someone who physically cannot work out or hates working out.

Series of 13 $1170

Single $100



Improve circulation and lymphatic system. Increase metabolism, balance flexibility, energy, and endurance. All muscles are affected with this vibration workout to accelerate fat loss and tone muscle. Excellent workout post Synergie, Body Wraps and Cryo T Shock!

Series of 10 $250

Single $25

Synergie Endermologie Cellulite Treatment

The Synergie Aesthetic Massage System is a device that delivers a non-invasive deep massage with optimal stimulation, stretching and pressure to subdermal tissues. This technique has been cleared by the FDA as a method of muscle soreness, improvement in local blood circulation, temporary reduction in the appearance of cellulite and circumferential body measurements. 

Series of 16 $1408

Single $95


This multi-concept treatment combines pressure and vacuum cupping for the ultimate in lymphatic drainage, improved circulation, detoxification and fluid clearance while promoting slimming firming and toning of the stomach and legs. It’s a great alternative to liposuction! 



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