The Ultimate Facial

The Ultimate Facial, a Elite Therapeutic Synergie exclusive is the total solution for healthier skin that looks and feels great.  Synergie  works from the inside out because beauty is more than skin deep.

Physiology of the Synergie Ultimate Facial

The Synergie Ultimate Facial is designed to treat more than the surface of the skin. While microdermabrasion resurfaces the top skin layer,vacuum massage treats the dermis and subcutaneous tissue to enhance circulation. Light Therapy accelerates cellular metabolism and collagen production.
All elements of the Ultimate Facial combine to give the client softer,younger,smoother and healthier looking skin.

.. Diminishes fine lines and wrinkles
..Reduces hyper-pigmentation
..Improves appearance of superficial skin damage caused by aging or sun exposure
..Reduces enlarged pores
..Increases circulation for healthier skin
..Cleanses,tones,moisturizers,and exfoliates for smoother skin
..Enhances the development of collagen
..Safe,relaxing, and enjoyable treatment provides optimal stress relief

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