Check out Lisa's progress! Client Lisa S. Ormond Beach came in for her Body Wrap wearing these shorts that used to be tight on her !! Lisa is doing Synergie and the Infrared Body Wraps and is Proof these treatments "Get Results" call now to get Holiday Ready and Feel Good from the "Inside Out!!"

After reading the information on the Synergie and the Sudatonic Infrared Wrap, I decided to try them both! After years of regular exercise, I still had cellulite and inches to lose and wanted more tone and tightness to my skin. These treatments have given me the results I wanted ! I have said 'Goodbye' to Cellulite, my skin is smooth tight and my inches are down. An extra added plus is the fact that the Infrared Body Wrap is safe, energizing, relaxing and giving me the same benefits as a 4 mile jog would!
-Katie D.

I work out 3 times a week for 20 years now but after my 50th birthday I started noticing that hanging skin on my legs and arms. I decide to call Denise and she told me about Synergie and what it could do. At first I just felt good and noticed the lower back pain that I have had the last few years was gone! Then after a few weeks of treatments, I looked down at my legs and was shocked to see the legs I had in my 40's -- maybe even better!! I will continue to eat right and workout as always and I won't to give up Synergie treatments. I want to go into my 60's with these legs--how awesome would that be!! JR 

You have taken 10 years off my legs!!!"
~Janet R.

" I came to Elite to jump start my 40 pound weight loss and now with doing just 2 treatments a week in a few short months and sticking with a moderate workout and eating plan, I am down 20 pounds!!! I am definitely staying on the maintenance of visiting the spa once or twice a month!"
~Sheila N.

"I have to admit I came in as a skeptic, but I had tried everything to tighten the loose skin above my knees and under my butt to no avail. After my consultation I chose to start on Synergies and ElectroBodySculpting treatments 2x week. It is unbelievable the results I am seeing, I still do my yoga and eat healthy, but the treatments have taken me to the next level where no amount of my exercise was getting.
~Jan H.

Thanks Kristy!! "I am thrilled to share that the Slimwave with Infrared Heat Therapy has helped me gain muscle definition and endurance both physically and emotionally. The treatment has also drastically reduced chronic muscle pain that I have endured for years due to stress. My increased range of motion and flexibility is an amazing feeling."

Kristina S. from Deltona LOST 10.5 inches and
SHARES her Testimonial!
How Slimwave helped her reach her goals!

Kristina came to Elite on April 4 looking for something to break her plateau. Kristina had started a workout routine and lost some weight but after several weeks of working out hard nothing was changing for her, and she needed a treatment that would give her a jump start and get her to where her exercise was not reaching. These before and after photos are from 14 sessions of our Slimwave EMS that Kristina was on 2 to 3 days a week for just 30 minutes. Watching her transformation was amazing! During her treatment Kristina was in a minor car accident and her car was totaled, while waiting on a rental she took 4 buses from Deltona one week just to get here for her treatments. In her words," I would never have got my stomach to this point without the Slimwave technology! Congratulations Kristina, now keeping up with maintenance and a good outside regimen she will be tightening, toning, building muscle and losing more inches to reach her goal!

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