Oxygen Facial

Look into the future of healthy skin with Elite Therapeutic's newest facial, Oxygen Facial Infusion.

-Healthier feeling skin
-Reduction of fine lines and wrinkles
-Glowing complexion
-Relaxing rejuvenation

Speed Recovery Following
-Laser Treatments
-Chemical Peel

An Oxygen rich mist penetrates the skin for visibly reduced fine lines and wrinkles.

Plumps, Hydrates and is a go-to for the one and only Madonna.

Anti-Aging Hydrosol serum specifically formulated for the needs of aging skin. This combination of plants, peptides and moisture molecules provides for younger healthier appearing skin. 

Derm-Recovery This gentile formulation is suitable for damaged and traumatized skin following mechanical or chemical exfoliation procedures. No burn or sting when applied to open skin. Moisture molecules and natural plant hydrosol calm traumatized skin. Acne Natural plant hydrosols combine to provide over 100 natural plant acne fighting molecules. Astrigent and antiseptic properties make this Hydrosol Serum the perfect application for blemished skin. Not overly drying to the skin. Inflammation Formulated as a mixture of plant hydrosols specifically designed to inhibit skin inflammation and tone blood vessels. White Hydroquinone free natural hydrosol serum developed to lighten skin through supression of melanin systhesis. Plant hydrosols are combined for their hypopigmenting compounds. Can be used for general whitening or spot application. Floral Excite the senses! Excellent for Spa Parties as well as providing Oxygen Facials at special events. This lovely combination of floral hydrosols is high in moisture retaining molecules. Your clients will love the feel and smell of this mixture.

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