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Slimwave with Infrared Heat Therapy
Lose inches, gain muscle definition and endurance, reduce cellulite, and detox with electric muscle stimulation! Targets abdominals, arms, thighs, and back fat. Slimwave treatments give you the muscle toning benefits of jogging five miles without harsh impact. Gain lean muscle mass that will burn an extra 400 calories a day! Excellent for someone who physically cannot work out or hates working out.

Improve circulation and lymphatic system. Increase metabolism, balance flexibility, energy, and endurance. All muscles are affected with this vibration workout to accelerate fat loss and tone muscle. Excellent workout post Synergie and Body Wraps!

Steamy Wonder
Deep relaxation of the mind and body using herbal Aromatherapy, mud, and seaweed combined with steam to promote an increase in metabolism, reduce swelling, relax muscles, loosen fatty tissue to break down cellulite, and boost the immune system.

Deep Tissue Massage
Therapeutic massage customized to meet your needs. Includes Trigger Point, Neuromuscular Therapy, and Myofascial Release.

Himalayan Salt Stone Massage
Unwind and detox as you are massaged into bliss using warm Himalayan Salt Stones. Detoxifies, improves sleep, reduces inflammation, and brings about a state of deep relaxation!

Aromatherapy Massage
Enjoy a custom treatment designed by a Certified Aromatherapist to address your specific needs. Includes scalp and foot massage with pure essential oils.

SweThai Massage
This innovative technique addresses general neck and back disorders by combining western soft tissue massage with Thai massage techniques and stretches. Treats acupressure points while performing Yoga style stretches to improve flexibility and balance.

Tabletop Thai Massage
Ancient medical massage techniques as well as Yoga style stretches are combined in a comfortable tabletop setting. Alleviates pain, restores postural balance, increases flexibility of the joints and muscles, and increases range of motion. (Performed with client wearing loose fitting clothing)