Kirstina S. lost 10.5 inches with Slimwave

Kristina S. from Deltona LOST 10.5 inches and
SHARES her Testimonial!
How Slimwave helped her reach her goals!

Kristina came to Elite on April 4 looking for something to break her plateau. Kristina had started a workout routine and lost some weight but after several weeks of working out hard nothing was changing for her, and she needed a treatment that would give her a jump start and get her to where her exercise was not reaching. These before and after photos are from 14 sessions of our Slimwave EMS that Kristina was on 2 to 3 days a week for just 30 minutes. Watching her transformation was amazing! During her treatment Kristina was in a minor car accident and her car was totaled, while waiting on a rental she took 4 buses from Deltona one week just to get here for her treatments. In her words," I would never have got my stomach to this point without the Slimwave technology! Congratulations Kristina, now keeping up with maintenance and a good outside regimen she will be tightening, toning, building muscle and losing more inches to reach her goal!

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