Our Goals for You At Elite Therapeutics

Transform your body, your mind, your life! At Elite Therapeutics, we are committed in helping you achieve your goals by staying on top of the latest and greatest treatments through continued education. Whether you are looking to burn body fat, lose inches, reduce cellulite, tighten and tone up, increase your energy level, relive muscle tension of just need to destress and detox in our Infrared Body Wrap, we are here to get YOU results. Our staff brings over ten years of experience in fitness and personal training, Synergie FDA approved cellulite treatments and recently added two new Estheticians for skin care.

Our clients follow a plan for success and we consistently hear comments like “I can finally fit into my jeans again” or “I have worn shorts for the first time in years and my husband said my legs look great” or when client Kris B. lost two pants sizes and wore a bathing suit on her honeymoon at age 50. All this was achieved with Synergie treatments, Infrared Body Wraps, a healthy diet and moderate exercise.

 Exercise and diet are a must, but as we age our skins loses its elasticity and out muscles take a little longer to recover from workouts. We need something that can get to where diet and exercise alone cannot!

FAR Infrared Energy has been testified to be one of the most effective and secure scientific methods for weight loss and body contouring and has many therapeutic uses such as detoxification, body core temperature increase , pain relief and increased circulation.