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Why Do We Get Cellulite?

Cottage cheese is great when it's on top of berries, not on your thighs.

By now you've probably figured out that you could be a size 2 and still have cellulite. That's because it's not about how much you weigh, it's about what you're putting in your body to begin with. "Cellulite is simply excess fat and toxins that are stored in fat directly beneath the surface of the skin," says Cynthia Pasquella, CCN and co-founder of SoCal Cleanse. "When our bodies are overburdened with chemicals, preservatives, and toxins from our environment, it stores them in body fat so they won't damage vital organs. It might not look pretty but this is your body's natural defense mechanism."


Fall Special - 2 treatments for free!

Purchase a package of 6 Synergie and/or Sudatonic treatments and receive 2 free.

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Does Synergie Work?
A 1998 study conducted by two noted plastic surgeons confirmed the efficacy of Synergie with 91% of the women treated reporting a significant reduction in the appearance of cellulite and circumferential measurements. More importantly, in 1998 thousands of women across the country have experienced similar dramatic results.

Body Contouring and Slimming Using the FAR Infrared (FIR) Blanket:
Utilization of FAR Infrared Energy has been testified to be one of the most effective and secure scientific methods for weight-loss and body contouring.

Because of its heat penetration property, FIR radiates to the meridian points of the body.

FAR Infrared heat has many therapeutic uses such as; detoxification, body core temperature increase, pain relief, increased circulation, etc.

Feeling Sluggish?

Is your weight loss at a standstill? Try Infrared Treatment!

Body contouring and slimming using the FAR infrared (FIR) blanket: utilization of far infrared energy has been testified to be one of the most effective and secure scientific methods for weight-loss and body
contouring. Because of it's heat penetration property, FIR radiates to the meridian points of the body. FAR infrared heat has many therapeutic uses such as : detoxification, body core temperature
increase, pain relief, increased circulation,etc. 

Elite Therapetics Body Wraps

If you have tried weight loss programs, exercise, or diet after diet and still have unwanted inches, cellulite or loose skin, then a body wrap is the answer.

These non-dehydrating body wraps can help give you the results that are typically achieved through surgery, face lifts or even 6-8 weeks at the gym - all without the cost or the recuperation time.

French Infrared Body Wrap

This wrap can burn up to 1000 calories in one session and helps speed up your metabolism. This System does not make fat “leave” the body. Instead, stored fat is converted into fatty acids and used by muscles for energy. The heating of the body and need to cool down through perspiration must be fueled by energy, this fuel comes from the converted fatty acids (now energy) that was released by the fat cells.

The Science Behind Body Wraps

Just below the skin, there are three layers of fat. Within each layer of fat, there are individual fat cells which are surrounded by interstitial fluid. This fluid can accumulate in excess within the cells and between the cells because of a lack of exercise, aging, diets high in salt and sugar, and a build up of toxins. Body wraps contain ingredients designed to draw out these excess fluids and toxins while restoring nutrients to the body.

The Science Behind Body Wraps

Just below the skin, there are three layers of fat. Within each layer of fat, there are individual fat cells which are surrounded by interstitial fluid. This fluid can accumulate in excess within the cells and between the cells because of a lack of exercise, aging, diets high in salt and sugar, and a build up of toxins. Body wraps contain ingredients designed to draw out these excess fluids and toxins while restoring nutrients to the body.
Reduces Fatigue & StressBurns Calories, Controls Weight
Removes Toxins & WastesImproves Skin Quality & Tone
Improves the Immune SystemIncreases Blood Circulation
Relieves Pain & Joint StiffnessStrengthens Cardiovascular

Proper Hydration

Proper Hydration is perhaps the most important aspecy of any cellulite treatment. The body must be hydrated to flush any toxins from bthe body. A gallon of water should be consumed daily to see the most dramatic results! Remember that soda, juices, and coffee require the body to process sugar and caffeine and will dehydrate the body.

Helpful tips to consume your water:

1. Add fresh lemon or lime
2. Drinking through a straw
3. The "Smart" waters are equal to 2 regular bottles of water. Example Penta and Figi
4. Perrier is acceptable
5. Hot water with fresh squeezed lemon will reduce sodium and bloat!! 

Why You Develop Cellulite

Genetics and Heredity 
Genes highly determine your chance of developing cellulite. It is also primarily a female issue and affects 90% of women.

Not Enough Water 
Drinking lots of water will help flush toxins out your body. Since cellulite is a mixture of fat, water, and toxic wastes that the body has failed to eliminate, drinking plenty of water can help diminish cellulite.

Poor Diet 
A poor diet consisting of alcohol, processed foods, and caffeine contributes to cellulite since the toxins they produce get trapped in fatty tissue. Some say that spicy foods can contribute.

Here's another reason you should quit; smoking promotes cellulite by damaging the connective tissue in your body. This causes the dimpled effect in cellulite.

Diet pills, sleeping pills and diuretics all lead to cellulite. Birth control also increases cellulite formation because of its tendency to produce high levels of estrogen. It also leads to water retention which inhibits the body from flushing the system of toxins, leading to the formation of cellulite.
Sedentary Lifestyle
The results of a sedentary lifestyle, poor circulation and muscle tone, can cause cellulite development. Lack of exercise hardens the connective tissue in the skin which causes dimples.

Crash Diets 
Crash diets increase the risk of cellulite because the body thinks it's starving. It attempts to consume saturated fats which help build cellulite. Unfortunately, these fats block the arteries and get trapped in tissues as well, preventing sufficient waste and toxin elimination.

Although there are many causes of cellulite, there are also many cellulite cures and treatments that Elite Therapeutics Body and Skin Care provides that will help reduce the appearance of cellulite.

Sudatonic System 101

The Sudatonic System™

The Sudatonic System was developed in the late 90 by French Doctor Yves Loones of La Rose Blanche Paris.

La Rose Blanche is well known for their body and skin care line. Their products are based in science, and provide physiologic solution to health and beauty issues, focusing on the root cause of poor skin, excess weight, cellulite, and stretch marks.

Poor lymphatic and veinous circulation is at the heart of all of these, and improving them leads to the desired external look. The Sudatonic System increases metabolism, nutrient flow, blood flow, decongests blocked passageways and genuinely improves the overall health of the user.

The Sudatonic System utilizes a 4-zone Far Infrared technology along with unique cosmeticeuticals that are proven to get the best possible slimming results.

How The Sudatonic System Works for You

The Sudatonic System does not cause fat “leave” the body. Instead, stored fat is converted into fatty acids and used by muscles for energy. The heating of the body and need to cool down through perspiration must be fueled by energy, this fuel comes from the converted fatty acids (now energy) that released by the fat cells during and after the session.

Learn more about how the Sudatonic™ System works.
Sweat and Your Body

Heating and Cooling the Inner Body

Marvelous things happen beneath the skin in the heat of the Sudatonic sweat bath. The capillaries dilate permitting increased flow of blood to the skin in an attempt to draw heat from the surface and disperse it inside the body. The bather's skin becomes cherry red. The heart is pressed into a faster pace to keep up with the additional demands for blood. Impurities in the liver, kidneys, stomach, muscles, brain, and most other organs are flushed out by the faster flow of juices. The skin and kidneys filter the wastes, excreting them in sweat and urine.

Benefits of Far Infrared Rays
Why is Far Infrared Rays (FIR) so unique to the Human Body?

Far Infrared Rays has the ability to penetrate, refract, radiate and reflect. The human body can absorb Far Infrared Rays because of its deep penetrating ability. When Far Infrared Rays penetrates through skin to the subcutaneous tissues, it transforms from light energy into heat energy. The thermal effect within the deep layers of the tissues causes blood vessels and capillaries to dilate, promoting a better circulation, and the heat produced helps to stimulate the sweat glands that cleanse and detoxify the body of accumulated toxins and metabolic wastes.

How does Far Infrared Rays help Weight Loss?

Far Infrared Rays heat therapy can aid in weight loss by speeding up the metabolic process of vital organs and endocrine glands, resulting in substantial caloric loss in one body wrap session. Perspiring is part of the complex thermoregulatory process of the body that increases the heart rate, cardiac output, and metabolic rate. The process requires a large amount of energy and reduces excess moisture, salt and subcutaneous fat. Fat becomes water soluble at 110 Degrees Fahrenheit and the body sweats out fats and toxins.

How does Far Infrared Rays help reduce Cellulite?

Cellulite is a gel-like substance made up of fat, water and wastes which are trapped in pockets below the skin. Toxins accumulate in the body during modern daily living and the body eliminates most toxins naturally by sweating but the process is sometimes too slow. An Infrared wrap can assist this condition, as infrared heat therapy stimulates the sweat glands that cleanse and detoxify the skin. The Far Infrared Rays heat technology simply speeds up the body’s natural process.

The many therapeutic benefits of Radiant Infrared Ray heat therapy:

- Promotes the breakdown of fat which leads to a reduction of cellulite and weight loss.
- Burns thousands of calories to promote weight loss, body fat and body mass reduction.
- Encourages detoxification of accumulated toxins and metabolic waste.
- Eliminates retention of liquids that prevent proper fat management by the body.
- Improves circulation, cleanses, tones skin as well as improves skin elasticity.

In conjunction with Sudatonic Solutions:

- The barrier cream makes sweating difficult, forcing fat cells to begin releasing fatty acids in order to provide energy needed to push perspiration through the body.

- By forcing the body to burn stored fat as energy to fuel the body, Sudatonic breaks down fat reserves, thereby eliminating excess fat.

- Over time, with repeated use, and improved eating habits, fat cells return to “normal” shape, improving capillary and lymph circulation.

What is Far Infrared (FIR)?
FIR infrared ray energy is a part of the natural light spectrum of sunlight, minus the skin damaging UV, which is why NASA spacecraft have utilized this heat. Far Infrared ray is a form of light energy from the sun.

FIR has the ability to penetrate, refract, radiate and reflect. The human body can absorb FIR because of its deep penetrating ability. When FIR penetrates through the skin to the subcutaneous tissues, it transforms from light energy into heat energy. The thermal effect within the deep layers of tissues cause blood vessels in capillaries to dilate, promoting better blood circulation, and the heat produced helps to get rid of body toxins and metabolic wastes.

In a case of injury, heat stimulates vasodilation of peripheral blood vessels, bringing oxygen to joints and extremities, relaxing stiff muscles, speeding the healing of sprains and strains. The increased blood flow helps aching and injured muscles recover faster because of the stronger blood flow and the purging of wastes from the body through the skin.

FIR Infrared Heat Therapy allows increased blood circulation to carry great amounts of nutrients to the skin, thus promoting healthy tone, texture and mild cleansing of the skin.

We Now Carry Shanti Aromatherapy Cellulite Detox Blend

4 ounce bottle

A Natural Alternative To Beat Cellulite

We are always looking for the newest way to beat cellulite, for ourselves and our clients, but what causes the buildup of this unsightly menace? Research has shown that much of our predisposition to cellulite is genetic, and that it is caused by the build-up of fat cells that are already present. So is there a quick fix?

The fundamental issue that must be addressed for cellulite loss is diet and exercise. We cannot provide long-term change unless our clients are willing to do their part with lifestyle changes such as consuming healthy foods, drinking plenty of water, and increasing physical activity.

There are, however, procedures and products which are all-natural, and can enhance cellulite detoxification and increase the results of diet and exercise. Fat Burner Cellulite Detox Blend from Shanti Aromatherapy, uses a proprietary blend of essential oils that stimulates circulation to the area applied, increases cellular metabolism, improves lymphatic functioning, and decreases toxin retention in the cells. Beyond simply reducing water, it has a Lypolytic effect that breaks down fat cells and helps stimulate the systems in the body that help metabolize and dispose of the by-products. With massage Fat Burner will reduce painfully congested cellulite, and improve the tone and texture of the skin, reducing the appearance of cellulite.

Fat Burner can be applied to the affected areas in a deep massaging motion after a bath or shower. Kneading and massaging cellulite helps break it up, and dry brushing daily will also increase the benefit. Fat Burner should be used once or twice per day depending on the level of detox that you want. Penetrating Sweet Almond and Apricot Kernel Oils, along with Vitamin E, condition and hydrate the skin, keeping it supple and toned as weight loss occurs.

Some specific oils and their functions:

Cedarwood; Lymph tonic, increases circulation, lypolytic in that it breaks down fats and
cellulite, decreases water retention.
Rosemary: Stimulates the circulatory and lymphatic systems, as well as a diuretic.
Pink Grapefruit: Stimulates the lymphatic system, stimulates circulation, astringent,
breaks down fats, reduces and detoxifies cellulite, cleanses the liver.
Lemon: diuretic and decreases water retention, increases metabolism and stimulates fat
burning, astringent, stimulates circulation to the area applied.
Cypress: Strengthens the capillaries, astringent

May Special!!

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Is Water important for Weight (Fat) loss??

- Water is an essential ingredient for weight (fat) loss. 
- Water suppresses the appetite naturally and helps the body metabolize stored fat. 
- Studies have shown that a decrease in water intake will cause fat deposits to increase, while an increase in water intake can actually reduce fat deposits. 
- For many, weight gain is created by fluid retention. Drinking enough water is the best treatment for fluid retention. 
- When the body gets less water than it needs, it begins to hold on to every drop it has. 
- Water is stored outside the cells and shows up as swollen feet, legs, and hands. 
- Taking water pills could offer only temporary relief. 
- The body will replace the lost water at the first opportunity. Thus, the condition quickly returns. 
- The overweight person needs more water than the slim person. 
- Larger people have larger metabolic loads. Water is the key to fat metabolism. Thus it follows that the overweight person needs to consume more water. 
- During any weight loss program, water must be supplied in larger amounts as the body has a lot of fat and toxin metabolism going on. 
- As incredible as it seems, water is quite possibly the single most important catalyst in improving health, losing weight and keeping it off. 
- Although most of us take it for granted, water may be the only true “magic potion” for permanent weight loss.


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What do all these treatments do?
Vacuodermie/Pressotherapy this Advanced technique is designed specifically for heavy legs and abdominal fat! Alleviate fatigue in your legs and reduce stomach bloating by increasing cellular fluid clearance and overall oxygenation resulting in a slimmer, toner you! Alternative to Liposuction!

Sudatonic Infrared Wrap will continue to keep your metabolism boosted for 24 - 36 hours after the treatment, while detoxifying, burning fat, and relieving stress and pain! Imagine a relaxing, comfortable, safe treatment that equals a 30 minute jog or 30 minutes of rowing! Seriously! This body wrap is the Real Deal!

Synergie AMS will have your inches down, while improving circulation and lymphatic drainage with a comfortable vacuum massage . FDA approved to reduce cellulite, too!

Last call for Jessner Seasonal Peel!
This peel will take away unsightly hyperpigmentation, fine lines, wrinkles, large pores and acne. Skin will be glowing with that peachy cream look! $175 Includes a follow up facial with microdermabrasion!

Added benefits to keeping your skin soft and smooth
Drink plenty of water - a gallon/day, combined with an at home shower exfoliating, and our Cellulite Detox Oil applied 2x day will boost all body treatments and have your skin baby soft!

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Sudatonic Infrared Wrap

In A Sudatonic Infrared Wrap your body is actually hard at work producing sweat,pumping blood, and burning calories !  According to The Journal of the American Medical Association, in a single infrared wrap session you may burn as many calories as you would rowing or jogging for 30 minutes ! The heat that it creates will increase your metabolism for the next 24 - 36 hours !! So basically you burn calories not only during your wrap, but for at least a day and a half afterwards !!

Our April Ad From Bliss Magazine!

Seeing is Believing

"After reading the information on
the Synergie and the Sudatonic Infrared
Wrap, I decided to try them both! After years
of regular exercise, I still had cellulite and
inches to lose and wanted more tone and
tightness to my skin. These treatments have
given me the results I wanted! I have said
'Goodbye' to Cellulite, my skin is smooth,
tight and my inches are down. An extra
added plus is the fact that the Infrared is
safe,energizing, relaxing and giving me the same benefits as a 4 mile jog

Katie D.

The Secret is Out at Elite Therapeutic!

Vacuodermie assists in body contouring and
toning, rejuvenating and smoothing the skin while
increasing circulation and minimizing the “orange peel”
effect, improves skin texture, tone and elasticity.

Pressotherapy include improved venous
return, increased lymphatic drainage, improved circulation,
decreased edema, fluid retention giving you shapelier, more
attractive legs and stomach.

Sudatonic Infrared Slimming Wrap In just one
session, you can lose up to 5 pounds, reduce cellulite,
eliminate 20 percent of body fat, burn up to 1,800 calories
and lose inches off your waist, thighs and hips.

GX-99 Endermatherapie is described as a system that
delivers an intense vibrating massage. The purpose of this
machine is to reduce cellulite and help to contour the body
while eliminating pockets of excess fat.

Synergie Aesthetic Massage System (AMS) is
the ultimate solution for reducing cellulite while losing
inches. Synergie AMS uses revolutionary vacuum massage
technology proven to improve the appearance of the skin
while improving circulation.